Winnie the Jroo Pokemon Card Pack – GOD PACK


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NEW & EXCLUSIVE Pokemon card packs from Winnie the Jroo's personal collection.

  • Each God Pack will contain 55 cards, including:
    • 5 Ultra-rare holographic hits
    • 5 First Edition hits
    • 5 Black Star rare hits
    • 35 Uncommon/Common hits
    • 5 Energy/Trainer hits
  • There are 10 Charizards seeded in this lot of 100 packs, 1 of them being a super rare Shadowless Base Set Charizard!
  • 1/10 packs will have a Charizard.
  • There are other super rare hits like base set holos, rainbow rares, golden rares, and First Edition cards mixed into these packs.
  • These cards are from Winnie the Jroo's own personal collection from 1995 - present day. He has cards from every set/era mixed and handpicked for each pack, from Wizards of the Coast sets to the latest sets like Shining Fates and Battle Styles.

Please send your videos of you opening these packs to Winnie the Jroo on social media so he can share the experience!

🌟 There will be 1 Ultra Rare Winnie the Jroo card that will come with a golden ticket for a free tattoo from Winnie the Jroo hidden in one of these packs 🌟

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